Download Screensaver Player - Software Pembuat Screensaver

Di Tulis Oleh Kucheng Ling

Play, Manage, and Create screensaver Playlists, Tweaking the screensaver options on your computer is one of those fun things which give you great pleasure. But I always used to wonder about a program which would allow me to play screensavers like a normal video clip. Screensaver Player is one nifty program which lets you play any screensaver on a normal window like a movie.

I personally love screensavers and have hundreds of them on my computer. But practically it is not possible to install each one of them and check each and every screen saver to set them as my current screensaver. Screensaver lets you play these screensavers on a normal window. So if you like any particular screensaver, then you can install that one your computer.

This program even allows you to create playlists of the screensavers which can be used as a single screensaver. So, when your operating system activates the screensaver, it plays the complete playlist of your screensavers.


* Right click shell integration
* Supports drag and drop of screensavers from Windows explorer
* Its unique you-choose-the-size desktop wallpaper mode
* Easily access, organize, install and configure all your screensavers
* Compose a playlist of your favorite screensavers


This program gives a kind of new life to all the screensavers downloaded on your computer. It lets you organize them and make the best use of them. This is surely the best screensaver manger you might have ever used.


Screensaver Player is a powerful program as it lets you with features like playing screensaver without actually installing it. These kind of features make it a special package.


This is one such program which needs to offer a user friendly graphical interface and it surely lives up to the expectations. Whether it would be creating playlists, or checking the new screensavers, you can easily make use of this program in the best possible way.


Managing screensavers with this program is so much simple and fun. You can create playlists and make your computer play the whole bunch of screensavers as a single file. You can even use this program to check out any screensaver which actually installing it on your computer.


* Easy to use
* Manage all your screensavers
* Create playlists of screensavers
* Compatible on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7


* It is not a must have program as it hardly adds any power to your computer, but surely enhances its decorative value


You might not have come across anything like Screensaver Player. Although it has nothing to improve your system’s performance but its features like creating playlists of screensavers, and the fact that it lets you access, organize, install and configure all your screensavers makes it an interesting program to use.