Microsys A1 Website Download v2.3.8 - Gratis

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Microsys A1 Website Download v2.3.8 terbaru untuk anda gratis!!! Microsys A1 Website Download v2.3.8 merupakan aplikasi yang berfungi untuk menyimpan halaman website secara offline.

Jadi bila kita nggak sengaja menemukan halaman website yang membuat kita penasaran banget, kita bisa menyimpan nya, lalu di baca secara offline deh, enakkan?!...

Features Microsys A1 Website Download v2.3.8:

* Archive websites with forums, image galleries, online books and articles
* Download your favourite websites and read them later while on the move
* Automate download of websites at times convenient to you, e.g. at night
* Show websites to clients in offices with no internet access
* Copy websites to portable media such as CD/DVD and USB sticks
* Have database driven websites downloaded and converted into static
* You can develop your website using PHP, ASP etc
* The downloaded website contains the output HTML
* All links in the website can be converted to relative
* Upload the downloaded website to mirrors and servers
* Save webserver resources by not using server side code
* Get started downloading websites in just a few minutes
* View downloaded websites offline in any internet browser