ImageConverter Plus 8.0.2 Full Version

Di Tulis Oleh Kucheng Ling

Download MageConverter Plus 8.0.2 + Patch GRATIS, ImageConverter Plus adalah konverter profesional untuk file grafis, foto, draft, dokumen keuangan dan gambar-gambar lainnya dari jenis apa pun. Teknologi terbaru membuat ImageConverter Plus ideal, konverter kuat pemenang penghargaan untuk tugas-tugas pengolahan citra.

Convert images
Image Converter Plus allows you to convert images between popular formats like JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PDF, as well as many more rare formats. ImageConverter Plus supports a total of over 800 image formats.

Resize images
Resizing is one of the most popular features of ImageConverter Plus. You can resize single or multiple images, create thumbnails of all your photos in just a couple of clicks, or use advanced resize features to get the exact result that you need.

Ease of use
ImageConverter Plus allows you to choose how you want to convert your images - using the program interface or right-clicking directly in Windows Explorer.

Output destinations
Image conversion is usually just one step in a process. The next step is to share your image, and there are many ways to do that. ImageConverter Plus gives you the flexibility to save converted images to a local or LAN folder, upload them to FTP or a Picasa Web Album, or send them via email.
Image conversion isn't the end of the process - it's all about where your images go after you convert them. Whether you need to save your images to a local or LAN folder, remote site, email, or even your Picasa Web album, ImageConverter Plus helps you to send the right images to the right place.

Folder on your computer or LAN
Save your images to a local folder or a folder in your local network. It is the most natural way to save files and doesn't require Internet connection or any additional setup.

Image Converter Plus makes it easy to upload multiple images to your FTP server. You will need to specify your credentials but only once.

If you just want to email your images, use ImageConverter Plus to easily resize, enhance and email your images even from right-click menu in Windows Explorer.

Picasa Web Albums
You can use Image Converter Plus to send images to your existing online Picasa Web Albums or even create a new one.

System Requirement:
Windows XP/Vista/7