The Most Effective Acne Scar Skin Care is Made from All Natural Ingredients

Di Tulis Oleh Kucheng Ling

Were you aware that the most effective acne scar skin care formulas are made from all natural ingredients that can treat numerous problems that afflict the skin? Many people are constantly in search of effective formulas to reduce the scarring caused by blemishes on the skin, and the scarring that results from tearing of the dermis. There are several natural compounds that will help to fade these unsightly marks.

Stretch marks are a form of scarring caused by rapid stretching of the skin due to pregnancy and weight gain, or rapid growth during puberty or muscle building. The glucocorticoid hormones in your body prevent the fibroblasts in your skin from forming collagen and elastin fibers which are necessary for keeping rapidly growing skin taut. This causes there to not be enough supportive tissue within the skin to keep tearing from occurring.

Acne scar skin care is necessary due to the marks formed by the inflammatory strain of acne vulgaris, which tends to mostly affect areas of the skin that have the densest population of sebaceous follicles. The comedones, inflammatory pustules, nodules, and papules that develop due to the inflammation in the philosebaceous units often result in unsightly scarring. Let me tell you how you can treat both stretch marks and acne scarring.

Jojoba oil has been proven to be very effective in the reduction of stretch marks on the skin, and it has been shown to lighten and heal scarring caused by other problems as well. This effective skin softener and moisturizer is beneficial in treating acne, and is even used in the treatment of more serious skin ailments such as psoriasis. Jojoba has been used for hundreds of years for its ability to heal the skin, and it even reduces wrinkles.

Shea butter is an exceptional emollient, which has shown positive results when it comes to soothing inflammation, and reducing scarring, blemishes, and brown spots on the skin. Regular use of products containing Shea butter will help with itching, eczema, insect bites, sunburn, and other skin conditions. As in the case of Jojoba, Shea butter has also been proven effective for wrinkle reduction.

No acne scar skin care formula would be complete without the inclusion of grape seed oil. This compound is an extremely powerful antioxidant, which has proven especially effective for repairing the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. Grape seed oil significantly reduces stretch marks and scarring on the skin, and is useful in protecting yourself from a variety of other problems unrelated to the skin.

Aside from acne scar skin care, grape seed oil is useful in treating and preventing circulatory disorders such as varicose veins, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetic neuropathy, and myocardial and cerebral infarction. It is also effective for wound healing, macular degeneration, cancer prevention, and the prevention of collagen breakdown associated with aging and collagen diseases.

Well, there are the compounds that I recommend for acne scar skin care, and fading stretch marks. Since all of these compounds have an anti aging effect on the skin you can double your benefit. Your skin can be free of unsightly scarring, and remain firmer and younger looking, which is a win/win situation if I have ever heard one.

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